What My Clients Say

Healthier Sales

Life Insurance
A young company in the life insurance settlements market had skyrocketed
to the top ten in their industry in less than 3 years, operating under the assumption
that any sale was a good sale. Working with the partners, we analyzed the
business and identified their ideal customer, enabling them to focus their sales
efforts in the right place. The result – reduced selling costs and increased profits
of 500% in the first quarter following the analysis.


“Thanks to Ed, we made more money in the first quarter than we did
all of the previous year.” Rob S., Partner.


Value Selling

Information Technology
A twenty year old technology company had lost its way with slowing sales and
rising costs. The owner was so wrapped up in day-to-day tactical operations he
was unable to focus on a strategy to grow his business. Working hand-in-hand
with the owner, we trimmed costs, hired a part-time office manager and created
a new value-based business model focused on long term maintenance agreements.
The result – reduced costs, better cash flow and increased profits of more than 300%.


“My business would not be where it is without Ed – higher profits with fewer,
but quality customers –all because we sell “value” not price.” Bill B., CEO.


Great Employees

Cabinet Manufacturing
A successful custom cabinet and woodworking shop was struggling to find, retain
and motivate employees. Working with the CEO, we developed an ideal employee
profile and implemented a new hiring procedure along with a management process
to improve communication and generate feedback. The result – more qualified
employees and a less stressful environment for the owner.


“Thanks to Ed, I sleep better at night knowing I have good people in place
– and our customers like us better.” Randy G., CEO.


Conflict Resolution

Software Development
A successful software development firm had been experiencing discontent among its
six partners for more than a decade regarding ownership and compensation for independently
developed software. Working individually and collectively with the partners, we drafted a
comprehensive term sheet that addressed ownership, compensation and software support
issues that was eventually agreed to by everyone. The result – a clear written agreement
about ownership and revenue sharing.


“Ed did the impossible! I was skeptical, after so many years, that this would be
resolved amicably but we now have a better relationship with the partners.” R.C., Partner.


More Profits

General Contractor
A family-owned home improvement firm with a 60 year history had just finished their best
year ever… sales hit an all time high - but the company barely broke even. Working with
the partners, we analyzed the business and helped them change their pricing and focus
their sales efforts on more profitable customers. Using QuickBooks, we tracked project
profitability to compare actual to budgeted cost. The result – reduced project workload
and increased profits of 250% (on 20% less sales) in the first quarter following the analysis.


“Thanks to Ed, we are making a lot more money with less effort than ever before.
The amazing thing is that I now have the time to manage my business.” J.E., Partner.


Transition Planning

Home Improvement
A successful home improvement company with a 45 year history was experiencing financial
turmoil resulting from the loss of a major contract and the housing downturn. The company
had sustained significant losses and required additional capital. Working closely with the CFO,
we reviewed profitability by product line and prepared projections under various conditions.
The answer was clear and it was decided to curtail operations to avoid further losses.
A skeleton staff was retained to complete pending projects while we wound down operations.
The result – business discontinuation.


“We looked at every conceivable business possibility and Ed was incredibly helpful in
closing the business and taking care of the endless details. I don’t know what we would
have done without him. Thank you.” M.T., CFO.



Plastics Manufacturing
A plastics manufacturer with a multi-million dollar credit facility was under loan review.
Working with the CEO, we reconstructed monthly financial data, installed a controller and
implemented new financial controls. Using the new data, we prepared and presented an
updated business plan to the bank. The result – renewed confidence by the lender and a
stabilized credit facility.


“Thanks to Ed, we know where we stand in our business, every day –
we have confidence in our numbers." Bob C., CEO.


Sensible Management

Electronics Manufacturing
A successful electronics manufacturer had been experiencing financial turmoil stemming
from stalled product development. The next generation product line was embroiled in
internal snags over features, pricing and marketing strategy. Working individually and
collectively with engineering, sales and production staff in conjunction with the CEO, we
were able to finalize the feature set, develop pricing and put an effective marketing strategy in place.
The result – a successful product launch and substantial order backlog.
“We were really stuck — everyone was protecting their turf. Ed broke the logjam by facilitating
cooperation through group meetings in which no one could hide. Great job!" Tom L., CEO.